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Relax and enjoy your stay with nature.

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Enter the wild and wonderful world of Northeastern wildlife with Evergreen Tails - your guide to the secret lives of forest and field animals. Information on animal species, with fun facts on animal diets, breeding habits, predator-prey relationships, and more!

Whether you're an amateur naturalist or seasoned wildlife watcher, Evergreen Tails offers an intimate look at local fauna. Learn where White-tailed Deer go in winter, how Beavers build their lodges, and what Foxes feed their cubs in underground dens. Revel in the wonders of nature in your own backyard!

For armchair adventurers and outdoor explorers alike, this is your chance to discover the wild side of the Northeast. In their natural habitats and discover their behaviors and interactions you never knew existed just steps from your home.

This guide may help you capture a fascinating window into the hidden world of wildlife and enjoy reliving the moments for years to come. With Evergreen Tails, you'll discover a fascinating window into the hidden world of wildlife right in your own backyard. This is the perfect gift for any outdoor lover or nature enthusiast. Enjoy candid moments of amazing animals in their natural habitats that you can enjoy and relive for years to come!

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