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Have you ever wondered about the secret lives of animals in the forests and fields of the Northeast? Evergreen Tails lifts the veil on these wild creatures and their habitats. This comprehensive guide features. Profiles of found across the Northeast, details on animal behaviors, life cycles, preferred foods, and interactions with their environments

Journey into the hidden world of wildlife in your own backyard. Evergreen Tails is your passport to understanding the daily dramas of survival and reproduction playing out in Northeast forests and meadows. Animal lovers and nature enthusiasts will gain fascinating insights into local ecosystems and the animals that dwell there.

Extending from coastal southwestern Maine, southeastern New Hampshire, eastern Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, southward through Connecticut, New York State, New Jersey, southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Some of the animal residents that live in the Northeastern forests are white-tailed deer, eastern gray squirrels, chipmunks, red foxes, coyotes, black bears, bobcats, beavers, woodchucks, skunks, and raccoons. white-tailed deer, and eastern gray squirrels, eastern wolves and eastern cougars.

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